Our Mission


It  is the goal of the Dayton Ghost Hunters Society to provide professional  service to those having a need for investigative expertise in the field  of paranormal research. We strive to add to the knowledge base of the  paranormal experience and bring accurate, factual information to the  research field.  It is the intention of our team to use the most up to  date scientific equipment and research methods that are available to us  at this time.

DGHS is a network of ghost hunters and researchers who conduct investigations  of the paranormal in a scientific manner.  We seek out allegedly haunted locations and assist those who believe they are experiencing paranormal activity  in their home or business.  Our investigators then search for authentic  evidence of the paranormal using scientific equipment and try to  determine if the location is haunted.  We are seeking genuine evidence and are careful of the presentation of this evidence, making sure that it is legitimate, researched and analyzed before it is presented to the public.

The credibility of the group is maintained above all else.  We do not claim to be experts, but we do strive to present ourselves in a professional manner. 

Each  investigation is conducted in a respectful manner in regards to the  property owner, the property and the spirits that may linger there. 

We  do NOT engage in provoking or taunting the spirits in order to get a  reaction nor do we do anything that has a negative connotation during  the investigation.  We work to present an image of competent researchers  who are collecting
the most authentic evidence possible.