The Dayton Ghost Hunters Society is always looking for enthusiastic new members with an interest in investigating the paranormal.  You must be over 18 years of age and be able to follow instructions during investigations to ensure the integrity of the evidence collected and the safety of the investigators.  

Types of Membership:

Active Members:   Participate in monthly business meetings as a voting member.  Active  members are eligible to participate in private investigations and  activities as well as DGHS sponsored public and group investigations.   Eligible to attend training programs sponsored by DGHS.  Active members  pay dues as follows:

                          First Year Members:  $30.00

                          Returning Members:  $20.00 per year if paid prior to December 1st

                                                                  If paid after December 1st, a $5.00 late fee will be added.

Associate Members:   May attend monthly meetings but may NOT vote.  May NOT participate in  private investigations or investigator training programs. May  participate in DGHS sponsored public and group events.  There are no  dues for Associate members.

Becoming a DGHS Member:

The  easiest and best way to become a member is to first attend one of our  meetings.  If you then think that we are the group for you, we will give  you a membership packet containing a Membership Agreement Form, a copy  of our General Rules and The Do's and Don'ts of Ghost Hunting.  Your  completed form and dues payment can be turned in at the meeting.

If  you would prefer, a membership packet can be emailed to you for you to  look over ahead of time.  It is still best to turn in your dues payment  and completed form at a meeting.  To request a membership packet, email  us at President@DaytonGhostHuntersSociety.com