Investigation Requests


The Dayton Ghost Hunters Society is accepting requests for private and public investigations.  We conduct all investigations with the utmost scrutiny allowed by current scientific methods.

We take every investigation request very seriously.  DGHS enforces a strict privacy policy that anyone contacting us regarding personal experience will have their information kept  private.  Under no circumstance will we directly publicize any  information regarding the identity of a person or property without the  consent of the requesting party.

If  you feel you are experiencing paranormal events in your home or  business, begin by keeping a log of all the activity you and others  experience at the site including date of occurrence, time of day, location/room, witnesses and description of what happened.

If  you would like to request an investigation, please send us an email at  Include the city in Ohio where the site is located, your contact information and a description of the activity that has occurred.  Our Investigative Coordinator and President will go over the information and contact you. 

Please  note that we do not necessarily accept every request that is submitted.  Factors we consider when making our assessment include:   location (we investigate primarily in the Miami Valley area), amount of  paranormal activity witnessed at the site, is the site safe to  investigate and does the person making the request have the authority to grant us permission to conduct an investigation on the premises.  Please remember, we are looking for scientific proof that ghosts exist.  We are not in the business of performing exorcisms.