1. Members must agree to follow all guidelines and procedures set forth by DGHS concerning any  and all investigations in which they participate.
  2. All members agree to conduct themselves in a professional manner during any investigation in which he or she participates.
  3. All members conducting investigations for the DGHS group must maintain confidentiality.  Any breach of investigation confidentiality is subject to immediate dismissal from DGHS.
  4. All members must agree that any and all investigations conducted by the DGHS group are done so free of charge.  Any acceptance of payment or gratuity by individual DGHS members is strictly prohibited and is subject to dismissal from DGHS.
  5. All members must agree that any and all investigations using the DGHS name will have at least  one core member/investigator present.  This person must be designated by the President of DGHS and will be assigned to the investigation as the "Lead Investigator".
  6. It shall be agreed by all members that the Lead Investigator of any and all investigations conducted by DGHS will be in charge of the investigation.  This responsibility will include, but is not limited to, procedures, investigative personnel, and the investigation equipment.
  7. All DGHS investigators must agree to follow all directions of the Lead Investigator.  Refusal to comply may subject the member to immediate dismissal from any and all future investigations.
  8. All investigators must be aware that at any time they may be asked to leave an investigation site by the owner/landlord/responsible person without any given reason.  All members must agree that if asked to leave a site, they will do so in a timely and professional manner.
  9. All members must agree that any and all evidence (including, but not limited to audio, video and photographic) collected during any investigation conducted by DGHS must be turned into the Lead Investigator or President of DGHS for evaluation and duplication purposes.  All media evidence of the above nature should be submitted in a timely manner.  Any media evidence submitted will be returned to the member who submitted it in a timely manner following duplication and evaluation.
  10. All members must agree that failure to submit any and all evidence (see rule #9) within a timely manner may be refused participation in future investigations.
  11. Members must agree NOT to release any and all information (including media) pertaining to any and all investigations conducted by DGHS to anyone outside DGHS without prior written permission from the DGHS President.

Due to conflict of interest issues, members of DGHS are prohibited from belonging to any other local ghost hunting/paranormal research groups.